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The Visions Of Lai Tsi

The Visions Of Lai Tsi
"The Visions of Lai Tsi" also titled "Animal Friends", was created from a watercolor combining Barbara's dreams with research in the library. It depicts a religious story of the Spiritual Master Lai Tsi meditating in China at the time of Buddha. The story tells that he had been very wealthy as a child and gave up his inheritance for a spiritual life and meditated for 15 years in a cave in Northern China.

The animals he is surrounded with took care of him and brought him foods and nectars of plants as he meditated. The lion licked his brow with his rough tongue and all creatures cared for him. This painting shows the actual plants and animals and insects that were living in that area in that time in history, which are native to Northern China.

"Animal Friends" a watercolor painting by Artist, Barbara Steinberg has recently won an "Honorable Mention" in the NAVS (National Anti-Vivisection Society's) 18th Annual Art for Animals Classic. "Animal Friends" represents a creative and personal expression of the goal of the program which is:

"To illustrate NAVS philosophy of respect and compassion for our fellow creatures through Art. Individuals can and do make a difference toward helping end animal suffering, and art can serve as a platform for awareness and activism in a way words cannot. Its voice, in concert with those of other caring individuals, is instrumental in their effort to continue expanding and developing programs that will help find humane solutions to human problems..."

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