Animal Kindness Children's Art Club

Classes available: *Private (one student) / *Semi Private (4-6 students) / *Group (7-20 students)
Instructor Barbara Steinberg teaches students to draw and shade animals and plants. She feels under every good painting is a good drawing. She teaches children how to blend and mix colors and handle the paint brush. Children will learn to draw Animals and Flora, to mix colors true to nature with the following basic primary colors: red, yellow and blue. The first class covers instruction on Color Blending and exercises suitable for beginning to advanced students. They also learn to care for and protect our planet and learn scientific facts about each animal and plant that we paint. Children also receive guidance in the care of our Companion Animals such as: dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and guinea pigs by adopting an attitude of being the animals guardian instead of owner and taking a more responsible role of caring for the animals and planet. Individual student guidance is modulated to each child's age and skill levels. There is an Art Show with awards given with positive reinforcement for the parents and family during the last class. The song from the Movie "Brother Sun, Sister Moon" expresses instructor Barbara Steinberg's teaching philosophy as she helps to guide Children to focus and build their dream day by day and take their time and go slowly...
Call (808) 269-6845 or email:
to reserve a place in the class.

Kindness Club Pledge: "I promise to be kind to animals, (as well as people)
and to speak and act in defense of all helpless living creatures..."

Play the "Kindness Club Pledge Song"
Beginning Students will be taught Color Blending Exercises to learn
how to handle the brush, mix colors and understand Color Theory regarding
the degrees of light to dark color applications as shown below.

Age Requirments: Classes available for Children ages 6-12 years old

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