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Maui Watercolor Art "Children's Inspirational Art"

Dream Angel-01 giclee fine art reproduction
giclee-26 reproduction:
Dream Angel-01
Dream Angel-02 giclee fine art reproduction
giclee-27 reproduction:
Dream Angel-02
Mermaid and Dolphin giclee fine art reproduction
giclee-28 reproduction:
Mermaid and Dolphin
Mermaid and Dolphin giclee fine art reproduction
giclee reproduction:
Animal Guardianship

Maui Watercolor Art "Spiritual Art"

Gopal Das giclee fine art reproduction
giclee-32 reproduction:
Gopal Das
The Visions Of Lai Tsi giclee fine art reproduction
giclee-07 reproduction:
The Visions Of Lai Tsi

Maui Watercolor Art "Hawaiian Stillife"

Maui Rainbow Girl giclee fine art reproduction
giclee-25 reproduction:
Maui Rainbow Girl
View From My Window giclee fine art reproduction
giclee-33 reproduction:
View From My Window

Maui Watercolor Art "Hawaiian Florals-III

Amakihi Bird with Mamane Blossoms giclee fine art reproduction
giclee-29 reproduction:
Amakihi Bird with Mamane Blossoms
O'hia-Lehua Blossom and Iiwi Bird giclee fine art reproduction
giclee-30 reproduction:
O'hia-Lehua Blossom and Iiwi Bird
Maui Parrot Bill (Kiwi Kui)
giclee reproduction:
Maui Parrot Bill (Kiwi Kui)

All Giclée reproductions are printed on 100 ragg paper, are "matted" and packaged in a protective clear plastic bag ready for framing.

Internationally recognized Maui Watercolor Artist Barbara Steinberg is available to create a custom Giclée Watercolor Painting for your own personal collection. Make a most desirable Art investment today by requesting a personalized Giclée Watercolor Art Commission.

For Commission information or a complete list of outlets where Barbara's Art is sold and our full-color brochure, or just to speak with Barbara Steinberg, here is the contact information:

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