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The Sunny Memorial Tribute Website (090512)
Celebrating our Family Kitty Cat Never Forgotten


Maui Cat Sunny Memorial
Today we celebrate Sunny's Translation Day (0905 dearly departed) and his Birthday which is one day before (0904). There is not a day that goes by that I do not remember my true loving Cat and friend Sunny. He was the light and love of my life in the animal kingdom. I was his guardian and he was my family. I respected him that way and adored him for his innocence. I listened and spoke to Sunny and tried to be a loving Parental guide to him throughout his life. He would speak to me with a deep gaze into my eyes with his bright golden eyes. He was awake, aware and full of life and truly knew he was loved by me at home. He was shy and scared of new people and perhaps this was due to some previous trauma he experienced in his prior home. We spent much of our time together trying to help him overcome his shyness.
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I shared 13 glorious years of learning to communicate with Sunny. I spoke to Anastasia, my animal communicator friendfor guidance at times and also just observed Sunny like a wild animal and respected him that way. I might be doing something somewhere but his gaze would wake me up to his presence and his communications for me. Some how I grew more able to understand and feel the emotions of all animals in the world by knowing and learning to communicate with Sunny. I gained so much because now I feel empathy for all life and all animals everywhere. I thank Sunny for this gift among others he shared with me and being needed by Sunny and needing him in kind was an experience of true Love. All animal guardians know this who truly love and let animals speak and teach us as they can do if we allow them to and respect them. It was Sunny who inspired me to care for all animals and to become an animal advocate . He supported all the campaigns I worked on for animals be it foie gras to help the Ducks and Geese or wild Horses or Chimpanzees. I always felt his presence there to enclourage me on.

I will never forgetwhen I would pick Sunny up at 4 am to feed him and he would purr and put his mouth in my ear to show he cared. That was a most wonderful loving expression of love he often shared. He really appreciated his home life with us and would chase me around the room to have fun with me. He loved Bird Watching from the windows and seem to smile when my husband Jonathan fed the birds outside our window. Sunny had his perches and hiding places all over the house and we enjoyed looking and finding him contently waiting for our arrival. There are many other beautiful memories I have with my beloved Cat Sunny but these are the ones that come to mind now as I remember him with Love.

"Sunny", our kitty, is a Persian Catwho is 8 1/2 yrs old. We adopted him at the Pet Store the day after Thanksgiving in 1999. He is an extremely shy cat to new people, however with us it is an ongoing show as he loves to play. For example, we play hide and seek around corners in the house and he looks me in the eye and I go back and forth playing hide and seek and if I start running he chases me around and around the house leaping over stools and things to pursue me and this is just one beautiful part of his playful personality. He also will jump up when I motion for him to do so. He will jump up and up to his cat furniture aiming to interact with me.

He has many funny habits but one is when he digs in his litter box. For a very long time he will dig and dig. We call it his digging to China. Another funny Sunny habit is when he wakes me to feed him right at 5 am on the clock and every time he is hungry he meows to me to wake me up.

My Happy Birthday Poem for "Sunny"
Happy Birthday Sunny...
You are nine years old on Sept 4, 2007
Sunny a dear being in our lives.
Sunny a furry cat and it has been said a "handsome" cat...

He loves to play and loves to eat,
He loves to jump and is so sweet...
Sunny is our love. Sunny brightens our life,
Sunny brings us love and takes away any strife...

He is our little one. His eyes so bright,
He loves to play with all his might...

Please send Sunny Love...
with aloha spirit, Barbara
may the blessings be..!


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