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Gopal Das
Gopal Das

"Gopal Das" was painted in a series of dream guided art from sketches taken from Barbara's dream journal. She then expanded on the theme completing considerable research to capture the clothes and shoes of this period in ancient Egypt.

Gopal Das is holding the Ancient Dream Book he created at the time of the Great Pyramid. He is standing in front of the Step Pyramid in this painting.

Barbara investigated this ancient dream book in the British Museum in London England where she found remnants of this book on display preserved behind glass. She then was able to procure a number of photos of the actual Ancient Dream Book from the British Museum corresponding with experts on the ancient manuscripts.

She studied numerous other texts along with this research to find the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt which substantiated her hunch that the ancient Egyptians were guided by their dreams and took all dreams seriously as spiritual messages to help in the guidance of one's daily life and how to live life in a pure way.

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Giclee' Fine Art Reproduction "Giclée-32 - Gopal Das"
4 x 6, 9 x 12

Single Hawaiian Art Greeting Card - 6.25 x 4.5 with envelope in a clear plastic sleeve.

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