Barbara teaching Children's Art Classes
at Montessori School Makawao, Maui Hawaii
Amakihi Bird with Mamane Blossoms giclee fine art reproduction Amakihi Bird with Mamane Blossoms giclee fine art reproduction O'hia-Lehua Blossom and Iiwi Bird giclee fine art reproduction

Letters of Recommendation
(from Parents of Barbara's Children's Art Classes)

April 2012
To Whom it may Concern;
I am happily sending a letter of recommendation for our Art Instructor, Barbara Steinberg, who is an artistic, poetic expressionist. Our children who are enrolled in her program love her. Barbara has been with our Community Class Instruction Program for more than ten years and currently teaches in our South District. Through out the years with our program , Barbara continues to nurture children's artistic expressions and have a strong parental support.

Please contact me at your convenience should you need more information at (808)269-6845. It would be wonderful if Barbara would be considered for a position with your firm as her attributes and strengths in her passion for Art will be a positive asset for your firm . Let Barbara be given an opportunity to show you her passion for nurturing others.
Sincerely, Karen N. Deguilmo ~Maui Parks & Recs Recreation Specialist County of Maui

May 2012
To Whom it May Concern:
My son Sky has enjoyed water color art sessions with the Maui Kindness Club taught by Barbara Steinberg. he looked forward to going to each class and begged me to go to the class again after the first session of 9 weeks ended. He learned a special animal kindness song and found a great place to talk about his love of animals. The Maui Kindness Club teaches awareness of the native animals of the islands and hose to care for them. Sky learned new techniques in water color and in composition. He feels very proud of what he has accomplished in these classes.

Barbara is a great teacher. She emits the kindness that she teaches. You can tell she has a true passion for art and for the animals that are drawn and that rubs off on the children. The classes are affordable with choice of being able to pay per class or all at one time. There is a special art reception at the end of the completed session, where Barbara displays each child's completed work and really makes each child feel special and like an Artist that they are..! We look forward to enrolling Sky in future classes to come..!
Sincerely, Lyn Baldwin ~parent of Sky Baldwin

June 2012
To Whom it May Concern:
Barbara Steinberg has been our daughter's art instructor for over six years, starting when she was in 5th grade. During that time, she has gone from being an average dabbler to becoming a semi-professional artist with paintings that have shown on multiple islands. Presently, she is doing an Alice in Wonderland series which is truly amazing and which she could not have done without Barbara's professional assistance. We highly recommend Barbara, both for her technical and artistic abilities.
Sincerely, Larry and Arlene Schlesinger

Animal Kindness Children's Art Classes instructed by:
Barbara Steinberg BFA ~Maui Watercolor Artist

Barbara Steinberg, Watercolor Studio, Maui

Barbara's love for art, light and color began when she was a child. Her heartfelt desire to express this love was subsequently nurtured and developed be her artisitc training by many masterful artists. The most influencial teachers came from her studies at the University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC), the renoun artist Miguell Arguello of Spain and Jennifer Carrington of England who introduced Barbara to the Classical Realism" style of art.

After being brought up as a child around the original paintings of Picasso, Matisse and Braque through her Mother who was an avid art collector, Barbara eventually fell in love with "Realistic Art" in college. After recieving her BFA Degree at UCSC she studied at the art schools of London England and on in Florence Italy where she was personally inspired and guided in the arts by the great "Maestro Pietro Annigoni". After her training in Europe Barbara then moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota where she pursued more classical realism studies with the collegues of Atlelier Lack and with such renowned artist as Stephen Gjertson, Jim Prohl, and Jim Childe with personal counseling by master artist Richard Lack. Barbara then moved to New York City and studied privately with the Spanish master Miguell Arguello whom she studied privately with while both while living in New York City and while attending UCSC. When she moved to Maui Hawaii in 1984, Barbara was greatly influenced by master artist Richard Nelson with whom she studied the Tri-Hue technique of painting. This technique helped Barbara to develop a greater understanding of color and light and evolved her professional career as an artist.

In 2001 Barbara coordinated 2 large Art auctions with Jonathan Orlowski assisting her with the American Red Cross to raise funds for victims of 9-11 just weeks after the attack occurred inspiring and pulling the community together to donate valuable Art work for this fund raising event. The auction was held at the Queen Kahuumanu Center in Kahului, Maui. The second fund raising event was to raise money for disaster relief funds for the Maui County American Red Cross under the direction of Bill Shaney and with the assistance of husband Jonathan Orlowski. From 2002-2005 Barbara volunteered as acting President and coordinator of the "Maui Watercolorists Association" for a 3 year period were she was responsible for Juried Art Shows with prize awards and facilitating monthly Workshops for adult Watercolorists led by renowned Watercolorists in Hawaii. Her husband Jonathan acted as the Treasurer on the Board of Directors for this well known organization and he conducted room set up and take down as well. From 2010-2012 Barbara also taught art at Kalama Heights Retirement Home volunteering for senior residences art classes plus offering group adult classes in Maui Adults to join the class for several years.

Barbara has taught part time as Art Teacher for both Public and Private Elementary Schools at Kamalii Elementary School, Waihee Elementary School, St Anthony Elementary School, and Montessori Elementary School. Barbara has also been a teacher for Maui Parks and Recreation from 2003-2014 where she led her "Children's Animal Kindness Club Art Classes" for Maui Youth. Families send their children then the younger siblings join years later. Barbara has taught one child age 11-18 still studying and doing independent studies ongoing for 7 years with Barbara now painting an entire series of "Alice in Wonderland Paintings"in a prolific dedicated way. Adult Snow Birds return to Maui year after year which is a subject for Art studies with Barbara too. This is just one of the long term Private and Semi-private students who have been enduring students in Barbara's Art Classes for children.

As Founder and Director of The Maui Kindness Club, Barbara had coordinated guest Speakers to help guide the children in better understanding the native species of local plant species on Maui while she taught them to draw and paint the animals and plants they learned about in their native living environments. This program became more popular as family members sent their children in to participate in the 36 class ongoing program which lasted for nearly a full year period. In many cases the siblings of current students would join these classes when they became of age in later years. Many parents would report that their child became award winning Artists and even successful Career Artists during the period of Barbara's teaching tenure on Maui over a 25 year period. Her husband Jonathan Orlowski has been a teaching assistant and a great supporter for Barbara at many of these events and classes throughout the years. In 2014 the Kamalii Elementary School PTA invited Barbara to Jury an Art Show for the School in a State wide Art competition and she was successful in selecting the Award Winner for the State of Hawaii.

Hawaiian Birds painted by: Barbara Steinberg BFA
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Amakihi Bird with Mamane Blossoms giclee fine art reproduction
Amakihi Bird with Mamane Blossoms
Amakihi Bird with Mamane Blossoms giclee fine art reproduction
Maui Parrot Bill Bird
O'hia-Lehua Blossom and Iiwi Bird giclee fine art reproduction
O'hia-Lehua Blossom and Iiwi Bird
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