Barbara Steinberg

PO Box 1764

Kihei, Hawaii 96753

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To Secure a Position as an Art Instructor - Children’s/ Teen’s or Adult Group Classes

To Secure a Gallery to Represent My Watercolor Paintings / Giclée Fine Art Reproductions

Employment History

2007-2015 - Art Instructor, Animal Kindness Art Club - ages 6-12

(Class Paints Endangered & Companion Animals) (Class size ranges from 5-18 Students)

Co-sponsored by Maui Parks & Recreation, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii (Website Above)

2005-2015 - Organized Quarterly Children’s Art Exhibitions

2006-2015 - Taught Private Art Classes for Children, Teens and Adults

Calera Schlessinger, Kate Seymour, Donna Walters, Janelle Nelson and others

in their homes or my studio, Maui, Hawaii

1985-2015 - Art Instructor - Group and Private Classes for Children

Barbara Steinberg Watercolor Studio and Art School, Maui, Hawaii

1995-2015 – Art Instructor

Taught Private Adult Classes in my Studio and Private Homes, Maui, Hawaii

2007-2012 - Taught Adult and Seniors Watercolor Art Classes

Kalama Heights Retirement Center, Maui, Hawaii

1995-2002 - Taught Public Art Classes, Organized Children’s Art Exhibitions, Kamalii Elementary School, Waihee Elementary School, St. Anthony Grade School - Maui, HI

2000-2004 – Teacher’s Aid - Maui Department of Education

Volunteer Work

2012-2015 - East Maui Watershed (Native Species of Maui) - Assisted my Students with Entering Children’s Exhibition

2014 –Juried PTA School Art Show - Kamalii Elementary School

2002-2005 - Founded & Chaired - Maui Watercolorists Association (MWA)

Coordinated Seven Large Professional Art Exhibitions for well known Maui Watercolorists

2002-2005 - Coordinated Art Workshops, Professional & New Adult Watercolor Artist (MWA)

2002-2005 - Maui Watercolorists Association (MWA) - Appointed and Coordinated Jurors for Eight Art Exhibitions

1980- 2005 - Co-Taught “Illustrating Your Dreams” at Creative Seminars/ Hung Art Exhibitions

2002 - Coordinated American Red Cross Art Fund Raiser Event - for Maui Disaster Relief

2001- Coordinated Island Wide Auction (125 Top Artists Participated) - for 9-11 Victims

1990-2000 - Art Classes - Kamalii Elementary School

1976-1978 - Teacher’s Aide Elementary Schools - Santa Cruz, California

Permanent Display

Publication & Sale of Limited Edition Art Prints

World Wide Sale of printed Greeting Cards

Art Exhibitions

1986-2015 - Hui No’eau Visual Art Center - Members Group Exhibitions - Makawao, HI

(Juried Exhibition)

2012-2013 - East Maui Watershed - Group Exhibition on Native Species of Maui

(Juried Exhibition)

2002-2005 - Maui Watercolorists Association (MWA) - Eight Group Art Exhibitions

(Juried Exhibition)

1976- 2005 - Art Exhibitions at Creative Festivals - California, Minnesota & England

(Juried Exhibition)

2000-2004 - Hawaii Watercolor Society (HWS) Members Exhibition

(Juried Exhibition)

Art Exhibitions (Cont.)

1989-2004 - Kihei Arts Council (KCA) Members Exhibition - Mayor's Lounge, Maui, HI

(Juried Exhibition)

002 - American Red Cross Fund Raiser Event/ Auction - for Maui Disaster Relief

2001- Island Wide Exhibition/ Auction (125 Top Artists Participated) - for 9-11 Victims

1986-2000 - Lahaina Arts Society (LAS) - Annual Featured Artist

1989 - Kihei Art Gallery


1986-2010- American Society of Classical Realism, Lahaina Arts Society

1986-2015- Hui No’eau Visual Art Center

1989-2015- Hawaii Watercolor Society

2002-2005- Maui Watercolorists Association


1970-1978 - University of California Santa Cruz

BFA, Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

1979-1981 - University of California Santa Cruz

Post-Graduate work in Fine Arts

Continued Education

1981-1983 - City and Guilds of London Art School, London, England

Post-Graduate Printmaking Degree

1979-1981, 1983 - Private Tutelage/ Apprenticeship with Art Master Miguel Arguello of the Royal Academy of Madrid

Continued Education

1981- 1983 - Post-Graduate apprenticeship with Jennifer Carrington

Studied Portraiture

1983 - Maestro Annigoni , Florence, Italy

Post-Graduate training in Classical Portraiture

1983 - Madame Simi studio of Cecil /Graves, Florence, Italy

Post-Graduate training in Classical Drawing

1983 - Studied with Jim Childe in Private Studio

1984 - Atelier Lack, Minneapolis MN 1984

Post-Graduate training in Drawing

1989 - Richard Nelson, Maui, Hawaii

Post-Graduate training in Watercolor


Colette Baisa ~ Maui Parks & Recreation Specialist (808) 270-7193

Ji Hye Kim ~ Child Art Student (808) 419-6718

Arlene & Larry Schlessinger ~ Teen Art Student (808) 226-0911

Mrs. Martinez ~ St. Anthony Grade School, (808 ) 244-4976

Kate Seymour ~ Adult Art Student (604) 669-2046

Donna Walters ~ Adult Art Student (360) 320-2550

Simona Patierno ~ Child Art Student (310) 883-4648

Letters of Recommendation
(from students of Barbara's Adult Art Classes)

April 2015
I have studied Art with Barbara for 5 to 6 weeks of lessons each year for the past three years. I had never painted watercolors before and I had no previous art training although my Mother and Grandmother had been painters. I had always said that when I retired I wanted to paint watercolors of flowers. So in 2012 we went to Maui for several months and I found Barbara through the Maui Open Studios tours. Barbara started by introducing me to color and light, helping me to see forms and shapes and to draw what I saw. By the end of my first 6 weeks I returned to Canada with a large painting of a red ginger, that I have framed and proudly hang in my home. I continued to paint and often sent her photos of my work asking for advice and pointers. She was incredibly generous with her time, talent and her feedback always inspiring me to keep practicing and to continue painting.

During my second year she challenged me to capture highlights and transparent parts of a yellow hibiscus. The result in my eyes was a wonderfully happy painting. Once again I continued to paint while at home in Canada and that year I had three paintings chosen for a juried art show in North Vancouver. I was so excited and attribute my success to Barbara's teaching and coaching. This year I produced a pair of paintings while on Maui. My style is evolving to flamboyant colors and more detailed backgrounds. The owners of the condo we rent have asked to buy the paintings and keep them in the unit.

As an instructor, Barbara is patient and passionate . Technically she can direct and correct without ever leaving me feeling criticized. She teaches when needed and coaches when appropriate. She laughs and helps erase or incorporate my errors so that they simply become a good part of a better painting. She has an incredible eye for proportion and dimension. Perhaps one of the greatest compliments I can pay to Barbara as an instructor is that she has genuinely helped me find my voice and did not encourage me to just copy her work or style (which is very beautiful).

I look forward to my annual vacation to Maui and my annual classes with Barbara. I recommend her highly to other adults wanting to explore the medium of watercolor. I guarantee it will be a fun experience.
Nola- Kate Seymoar, Ph.D. Vancouver Canada

Letters of Recommendation
(from Parents of Barbara Steinberg's Children's Art Classes)

April 2014

To Whom it May Concern:
Barbara Steinberg has been our daughter's art instructor for over six years, starting when she was in 5th grade. During that time, she has gone from being an average dabbler to becoming a semi-professional artist with paintings that have shown on multiple islands. Presently, she is doing an Alice in Wonderland series which is truly amazing and which she could not have done without Barbara's professional assistance. We highly recommend Barbara, both for her technical and artistic abilities.
Sincerely, Larry and Arlene Schlesinge

April 2012
To Whom it may Concern;
I am happily sending a letter of recommendation for our Art Instructor, Barbara Steinberg, who is an artistic, poetic expressionist. Our children who are enrolled in her program love her. Barbara has been with our Community Class Instruction Program for more than ten years and currently teaches in our South District. Through out the years with our program , Barbara continues to nurture children's artistic expressions and have a strong parental support.

Please contact me at your convenience should you need more information at (808)269-6845. It would be wonderful if Barbara would be considered for a position with your firm as her attributes and strengths in her passion for Art will be a positive asset for your firm . Let Barbara be given an opportunity to show you her passion for nurturing others.
Sincerely, Karen N. Deguilmo ~Maui Parks & Recs Recreation Specialist County of Maui

May 4, 2015

To Whom It may Concerm,

My son Nico Konyk has had the good fortune to be enrolled in the Kindness to Animals Class taught by Barbara Steinberg for the past four sessions. Each time one session is over he asks to enroll in another. He has improved his love of art and and greatly loves learning about all the animals. I would recommend Barbara's class to all children.

Most Sincerely,

Christine Konyk

Recommendation Letter!

for Instructor Barbara Steinberg!

MAY 5, 2015!

To Whom It May Concern:

It is a great pleasure that I write this letter of the highest recommendation

for water color and drawing instructor, Barbara Steinberg. My 8 year-old

daughter, Rose has been very fortunate to learn with Barbara in her Animal

Kindness Children’s Art Club over the past 6 months.

Barbara inspires children with her great passion for art and love for animals

and nature by drawing Hawaiian native wild animals and plants. Besides,

Barbara encourages children to describe their own paintings and let

children share each other’s paintings and discuss like a real artist.

We have found a great progress on my daughter’s painting and herself

since we joined Barbara’s class. Her painting is more realistic, colorful, and

shows more details on drawings, and it shows her love and kindness for

animals and nature as well. Moreover, she seems more confident in her

painting and enjoys sharing feelings on friends paintings.

Barbara’s class is affordable and two hours is long enough to complete

each paintings. We truly appreciate this Fine Art learning experience for

children in Maui, and look forward to exploring more beautiful artistic world

with Barbara.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact

me at (808) 205-3911.


Jihye K. Boyer

From: Lisa Mrozek <>
Date: May 3, 2015 at 3:51:26 PM HST

We are so thankful for Barbara Steinberg and Jonathan-our daughter looks forward to her weekly art classes and also learns about animal kindness! She loves the class pledge and enjoys learning fun animal facts.

Lisa Mrozek

May 2015
To Whom it May Concern:

My son Sky has enjoyed water color art sessions with the Maui Kindness Club taught by Barbara Steinberg. he looked forward to going to each class and begged me to go to the class again after the first session of 9 weeks ended. He learned a special animal kindness song and found a great place to talk about his love of animals. The Maui Kindness Club teaches awareness of the native animals of the islands and hose to care for them. Sky learned new techniques in water color and in composition. He feels very proud of what he has accomplished in these classes.

Barbara is a great teacher. She emits the kindness that she teaches. You can tell she has a true passion for art and for the animals that are drawn and that rubs off on the children. The classes are affordable with choice of being able to pay per class or all at one time. There is a special art reception at the end of the completed session, where Barbara displays each child's completed work and really makes each child feel special and like an Artist that they are..! We look forward to enrolling Sky in future classes to come..!
Sincerely, Lyn Baldwin ~parent of Sky Baldwin

Our family has loved seeing Christina's passion for art and animals grow more and more in the Animal kindness Children's art class taught by Barbara and Jon Steinberg at the Kihei Community Center. The sky and the clouds are now a piece of art to be admired and be thankful for every single day. We see the world in colors and soft gentle moments in the mist of the stormy daily ups and down . Mahalo !!
> Kindly,
> The Patierno Lam Ohana

To whom it may concern:

I ‘am writing this letter to express what a great experience it has been for my son to be a part of the Animal Kindness Watercolor class held at Kihei community center, taught by Barbara Steinberg. With her Knowledge in Native and endangered species my son not only learns the importance in showing compassion towards animals but is also introduced to Native Spices of Maui and worldwide, along with hands on techniques in watercolor painting bringing home a masterpiece painted by himself.

I love having the opportunity in being a part of the Art show at the end of each 9 week session in seeing each child’s individual Watercolor Native Animal Creation. My son really enjoys attending this class and would not have discovered his capabilities in the Watercolor arts had he not been given the opportunity and motivation from his teacher Barbara Steinberg.


Mitierra Perez.

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